Al fondo hay Sitio capítulo 485 : Family Huamanga Gonzales arrived in Lima, Ayacucho, to live in one of the most exclusive areas of the city, Las Lomas, in a house inherited medioconstruir.His neighbor, Maldini family, including an exclusive high class and wrinkles on the arrival of Gonzalez and tried to drive them at all costs by generating a war between two families. However, despite the conflicts, feelings such as love and solidarity come to flourish among their members.

Al fondo hay Sitio capítulo 485 : In the background is 300x170 Charito Season Chapter 486 Site Monday, July 11All history is based on social differences and the customs, habits and surefinamiento Maldinis Gonzales mountain with a high social level, there are many situations, fights, love, drama and more situations without compromising style and unique comic series End of second season "Al Fondo hay sitio" left viewers with many questions and few answers.
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